The light fantastic thing

So… last weekend i was at the light fantastic expo, which was more of a two day lecture on advertisements for products and other courses run by the same guys who ran the expo. the first day was mainly run by Dale Neill, who ran us through low light shooting and HDR, unfortunately nothing i didnt know. What was interesting was the section on how to make a photo book easily… which i am now planning on doing ASAP!  Each day there was 4 guest speakers, talking about travel photography, then a 1 hour talk by Richard I’anson. Day 2 had this seemingly rich Bird photographer, Denis Glennon, who used all the most expensive gear, and after was even looking at buying a $8000 800mm display lens!!! Nick mendolis gave a talk on fine art editing, which i hoped would be a substitute for a CF course, but sadly only advertised two expensive programs.

After another hour chat with I’anson i got caught up at the gear stands. They had a $150 waterproof housing which i nearly bought, but before i could they ran out of stock.

I cant say it was that light FANTASTIC, but it was enLIGHTeningly informational. (Bad Pun…?)

Need any more info? i left out some bits  but thats pretty much all that was there. Where were you guys??? i was hoping to meet someone! And I kept seeing flyers for fletchers exhibition everywhere!


5 thoughts on “The light fantastic thing

  1. Ok .. I got it out of you at last.

    That pretty well sums it up as I saw it as well. The photo book was about the only thing i found of interest although i did think the Nik black and white conversion program was ok. The pics from Antarctica were pretty good.

    You could have bought that 800mm len’s for $4000 as a show special , that kinda tells me something, 50% discount’s usually mean something, you work it out.

    I left early on Sun as I’d heard enough.

    i thought that kid sitting in the back corner must have been you. Now I know how you are.

  2. Yeah I’ve spoken to Dennis personally quite a few times. Yes he has a wad of cash, but what really impressed me about him was his passion for the Ospreys that he photographs. He spends weeks out at Rotto capturing them. He is just so totally dedicated to capturing them.

  3. Yeah, sean unfortunately these are for, I hate to say it shooters that are less than the calibre of most of us.

    You’d learn more if a couple of us got together and had a session.

    I have been stung before for $180 you can learn heaps more somewhere else.

    Denis has some expensive gear and he’s retired so he has more time than me to shoot.

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