New laptop!!!

well, finally three school years past… and to celebrate we all got upgraded macbooks.  Finally a new laptop!!! that sh** old one  pissed me off so much. This ones awesome. Its all shiny and aluminum, and the trackpad is the size of a small tablet. Everything is so smooth, even stitching panos. To annoy you all more the school puts the whole adobe cs4 on for free. And final cut pro…. and maybe even aperture….


12 thoughts on “New laptop!!!

  1. When i was in school all we got was a note pad with two large ass staples holding it together at the top.

    Kids these days spoilt rotten. Congrats on the new hardware. Ma want to hit your school up for a external screen those mac lap top screens do not calibrate at all well.

  2. G’Day Sean,
    If you need any Aperture training, I am about the only person Apple bothered to properly train in WA.
    I do 1 on 1 training sessions, $80 p/h.
    Aperture is solid gold once you have it wired.
    Nice work mate.
    Paul Jarvis.

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