cm2Weeeeeell im back (it feels bad to be back to civilization, actually, and SCHOOL). Ill write about the walk over the next few posts but im getting eye strain from looking at the monitor right now. I cant use photoshop right now cause i left my laptop at the other house (getting one of those new macbooks in a few weeks) so lightroom had to do. Heres a single shot (cant stitch the panos yet) of a nice lake at a rest spot on the 2nd of 6 agonizingly long walking days, complete with storms and snow.

Fletcher wouldnt have lasted a second!!


13 thoughts on “Tasmaniac.

  1. Thanks again. It looks a bit dark actually… vignette a bit to big i reckon. Beau ill put my next stitched pan on Oz in Focus. I want that blog to work well so im only gonna put the bestest stuff on.

  2. Dude I left half way thru YR10 and have had to work ever since, stay in school, get a trade or degree and then life is much easier from there, I have done so many different jobs over the years. Start your diploma in photography and website design…

  3. Nice image Sean, I really like the mood and desaturated colour. Maybe the clouds could do with a little more punch tho. Looking forward to your next submission.

  4. Stakky, that is a sweet shot mate, and don’t worry, I could out walk you any day anywhere. So don’t think I couldn’t hack it! With this scenery I would do anything.

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