Yeah lame title joke… im sure Tasmaniac would have been better. Havent had much time to do photography and even time less editing (let alone stitching) so thisll have to do for now. The motion blur sucks but ill fix it later.

Melbourne is great!


16 thoughts on “melbourniac

  1. Thanks Lisa. Minimilist effect? i didnt have much in mind as i was shooting hand held.

    Christian thats the best I’ve had from you. GOOD ON YA.

    Luke i haven’t taken many and the ones i have were taken midday so i have to do a bit of mono work on them.

    Kirk the blur is completely fake.

    I did most editing in LR for a change as well.

  2. nah it doesn’t suck mate, i think maybe bring the opacity down a bit maybe… there might be a bit too, but thats just me mate

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