Many Bright Lights

freo-lighthouseCouple of nights ago me and my Dad headed over to Hillary’s  for some good ol’ night shooting and ridiculously greasy fish and chips. Unfortunately instead of clouds there was a horrible grey smog in the air which ruined most shots. The fish and chip shop was run entirely by teenagers, which was discouraging considering how experimental i get when i cook!

On other news im off to Mornington and cradle mountain in 3 days.


11 thoughts on “Many Bright Lights

  1. Hi Mr Stack,

    I like this photo especially the colour of the lighthouse and those streaks in the water are really cool as well

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Hey Stakky,
    Good Work mate and enjoy Cradle Mt – you should get some nice weather there + you will definitely feel the cold after the 30+ days we have had here. Can`t wait to see your results.

  3. Cheers Mr Paterson.

    Michael i finally got around to clicking on your link. Far out am i amazed by your photographs. Had no idea you were michael bates! (heard your name before somewhere). Those Karijini gorge shots are awesome. Love the metallic look on em’…. How’d ya do it?

  4. Thanks Stakky
    On my last 2 trips to Karijini I played with an ND400 filter and the orange reflections just burn into the image from there as it a long exposure. I had no idea the filter even existed until I did CF`s course. Minimal photoshop as I`ve only just finished a course on it. Have fun on the east coast.

  5. Nice image Stakky !

    You are one lucky teenager ! Having parents take you to all these cool places all the time !

    have fun 🙂

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