back to denmark

rock-and-clouds1well… its time to start the whole go away during the holiday thing. First up: Denmark again. This time it’ll be different though cause i got the new L lens, but i still dont have any filters dammit!! Anyway im sure ill be back in a week with some good stuff.

Hey on the topic of filters which GD’s should i get? i know theres about 9 types so which one would be the most useful?

Some more news: my mate Ben has recently won a whole bunch of awards for his animation, including 1st in an Australia wide comp (hes been on the news twice!) so i put his blog link in the list. Check it out! (its gavin monoxide by the way… dont ask me why)


9 thoughts on “back to denmark

  1. Intense colours.. looks good.

    I’ve been told that singh ray or lee filters are good. I’ve just got the cheap cokin ones which do the trick for me at the moment.

    I have a 2 stop and the next one up and they generally balance the light pretty well. I wouldn’t mind a reverse grad nd – good for sunsets/sunrises when the sun is right on the horizon.

  2. Yeah Beau is right.
    I have the Cokin as well a two stop and 3 stop grad and a ND.
    But if you got the big bucks go for the Singh Ray or Lee!

    I like this shot but it seams to be very very noisy….

  3. Stop logging out and clicking on your own site to get your numbers up, that’s cheating.
    I like the work with the shot above, nice and simplistic.
    I have only used Lee filters, expensive I know, but they are worth it.


  4. Hey Stakky,

    I like it. Maybe Noise Ninja would take some of that noise away. I use Singh Ray filters and love them. Expensive though. They don’t interchange with Lee filters too well either.


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