More ol’ stuff


Sometime this year i found myself in Bremmer bay, so heres shot from Native dog beach i just found. Check it out! i completely stole CF’s bordering style!


18 thoughts on “More ol’ stuff

  1. Mmm seems i’ve given up on panos… i must get back into them 10 MP is not enough!!! Thanks Dylan and Fletchezam. Dude im not sure about a career as a photographer… it seems its not an easy one.

    I do sell the occasional matted print already (stole your print sizes as well!) but i really hate matting. Im stingy eh!

  2. damn i finished my comment just as rich posted his… Thanks rich as well. I think the light on the day gave this its finish… although i did a lot of levels work on the clouds and rocks.

  3. great shot mate…. hey whats with wordpress…. i cant make my shot large when i click on it…. u know anything about it??

  4. thanks all… merv when the upload has finished all these text boxes come up (title, caption, description, etc.) Under the 4th box (link URL) there is a button that “File URL” click that. Damn i got it wrong before!

  5. thanks all once again. Stephen i agree. Dylan thats a good idea but i want to set up at markets and stuff.
    Beau thanks for the link. Ill be sure yours goes on mine. Will… good on ya.

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