Artificial Sunset.

sunset-greens1A fairly boring day at home today so i did some experimental PS’ing on a Denmark shot. Me being the incredibly awesomely talented and attractive (which i’m sure had a large effect) hotshot i am managed to rake up something like this. Its about as fake as the “super bright” LCD on which i am editing on but it didn’t turn out that bad… DID IT?!


6 thoughts on “Artificial Sunset.

  1. Hey Sean,

    This is a pretty cool photo and certainly a different point of view of Greens Pool. The sun area is probably a little blown out, and I love the reflection on the water.

    Jamie Paterson

  2. thanks Jami The blown out sun was unavoidable although i like.

    Fletcherzam i think ive gone pretty far for someone nobody knows. Hell even the mob i went shooting with at JFNP (Clint, Mel, Jayne and some others) dont know my name. You’ll meet me sometime at one of your courses or something.

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