A Good day (now certified)



For the first time in so long i slept in. Once i got up i headed straight over to Jandakot airport for a kickass heli trial flight with my good mate Mike. Right after i headed over to Shoalwater bay to walk the dogs/get some shots. The wind was incredibly strong the rain hurt and the lens got all wet but i got some good shots. Unfortunately i got home and realized i was shooting in JPG not raw. Damn! oh well enjoy

EDIT: just uploaded another. Enjoy again!

See Indi running after those seagulls?


5 thoughts on “A Good day (now certified)

  1. nup for the top one. Its been overcooked!
    The second is close but the sky needs to lose some blue and be a little more dramatic and that boat really needs to stand out more as it is bland and blends with the sand.

    Keep em coming!

  2. 4000 hits, well done Sean, your catching me quick.
    I like the perspective of the top image, mainly because its wider, may just need a little bit cropped off the right, and the water bottle cleaned on the bottom left. Love the seaweed.

    With the second one the tinny is too prominent for my liking.

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