feild-storm2Im currently sitting at a piano playing Mozart and stitching panos. I can Multitask! YESSSS! anyway heres a nice shot from somewhere between Perth and Sydney.

Im off to play drums!


12 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. I was a scholarship guitarist at Perth Mod so I often find my self playing guitar while I wait for my images to stitch!
    THe sky is great but the land is pretty boring. It is all the same brightness and colour and allows the eye to wonder a lot. Maybe some simple light painting will fix that right up!

  2. Pity the Canola wasn’t in full flower that would have helped a lot, but it’s not to bad.

    Jeez Stacky is there an end to your talents, are you supporting Andre Rieu on his tour?

  3. Hey Stakky,
    Pretty keen about heading up to JFNP tomorrow afternoon. Let us know if you’re interested too – or anyone else.

  4. Anybody else coming? Its only like, a 5 min ride for me and ive got nothing else to do this weekend so ill come if we can get some others to come as well. A good meeting place is the John Forrest Pub, which is on the the track to the falls. If anybody else is interested ill post some directions.

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