Murchison River


Heres a shot i stitched 5 minutes ago, taken in Kalbarri. I had to ride for ages along the shore until i found something worth shooting, but thats what’s so great about Kalbarri… riding is always the best way to get around. Anyway whilst uploading this i had a look around some other blogs and noticed everybody seems to use some sort of vignette… so i opened the scaled jpg and made some changes. Thats why the shot looks a bit crappy; i think i edited the jpg one to many times.

Now go forth and criticize!


8 thoughts on “Murchison River

  1. Nice subject but I think you have cooked the colours too much. I think this image needs to have very little colour and the boat needs to really stand out. The whole image feels kinda cold…. if you like the colours I would try warming up those reds to get them a little more golden/orange.

  2. I dont get it… i think its one of my best shots so is there something wrong with my monitor or what? Dylan i didnt know the colours were that saturated…

    Fletch could ya tell me whats wrong with it?

  3. Stacky it just lacks something..ah most things actually.

    Hey maybe your doing what I’m doing and putting up all the middle to bad ones and keeping the good ones for something else!!!

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