Some ol’ stuff


Earlier on this year i headed down to the Stirling ranges (you might have picked up i travel a lot!). We climbed 7 of the public mountains, one each day. 

Back then i really didn’t know all that much about photography. I was still using the piece of s*** kit lens and a gorillapod, and i didn’t have PS. Luckily i shot in RAW, not because i knew it was better but just because i had been told to. I shot loads of stuff, which have been sitting on my hardrive for half a year decaying. I opened up LR on my dads mac today, not having done so for soooo long. They were in front of me. I though with all this knew knowledge about photoshop i’ve made up over the last half a year i may as well retouch some old shots. 

So this ones for you, Furman Jack. Taken with the same lens as you, on a crappier cam. I think it an awesome shot myself. Might put it on a poster. Ill also put some more stirling range shots up later.


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