More Denmark + New theme

NeW TheMe! awesome! but anyway it had just been raining and me and my dad were drivin’ across the Denmark hills. We hit this gravel road, which after the rain had purple dirt. No, literally PURPLE dirt!  hadnt seen this before so i stood in the middle of the road  and shot this.

2 shot vertical.


11 thoughts on “More Denmark + New theme

  1. Nice composition ,but the back trees look a funny shade of green to me.Maybe a bit blue?Could be my screen.Did you do colour adjustments?

  2. although you didnt directly alter the greens in the distant trees you will find sometimes when you alter other tones you alter i guess micro-tones with in the greens for instance.
    I would lose some of the cyan in those distant trees for a nicer green.
    Other than that, this is a nice shot.

  3. Nice new theme and it was purple dirt eh!
    I thought you said it was just us getten together.
    By the way I’m going to post a few more stuff more often now and hopefully they will size up to your standards.

  4. Thanks Y’all. Dylan that shouldnt be the case when i selected the saturated areas separately with a lasso should it? Unless your talking about the 16-8 bit conversion.
    Jayne thanks. Looks like i’ve picked up the title “Stakky”. Heh… Stak isn’t even my real name but i like “Stakky”.
    Furman Jackeroo ill take a look but im a stingy guy!

  5. No if your using a lasso tool your right, it wont effect other areas…. never heard of a lasoo tool being used for any kind of saturating though. I find masking works better. Having said that photography is all about what works for you! So if it works for ya stick with it mate!

    and if Stak isnt even your real name… where did it come from?

    Cheers mate.

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