JFNP shoot.

Well some people seem to be interested in a shoot at JFNP. Remember its a long drive from the city (well not that long). Now get this clear: im NOT organizing this! i dont want to organize the first mob shoot i go to so one of you can (Dylan maybe?). This is currently just an idea.


8 thoughts on “JFNP shoot.

  1. Yeah Jayne and i will probably come if it is on a weekend.You better check if it’s ok with your mum and dad before entering into a park with strangers!

  2. I dont know if I should organise it since I am still having to borrow me mums car since I still cant afford a new one!
    Dont worry… soon enough ill have a nice VL sittin in the driveway!
    Would love to see the hot spots around there though if I could make it up!

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