Back to JFNP

I hadn’t shot here for so long… i thought i had better head down since the rain had just stopped. the water was really rushing!! anyway after nearly falling in i fired off a bunch of singly frames. I only had time to work through one this morning but the others will be good as well. I got a bit exited with the new/old 17-35 L (finally being able to zoom OUT) and forgot about avoiding edge distortion and chromic aberration.


11 thoughts on “Back to JFNP

  1. Best shot to date hey… didn’t know it was that good! Unfortunately there is a lot wrong with it. Thanks Dylan and luke. Ill put some more of these falls up soon (the big falls)

  2. Hey Stacky,
    How about organising a group meet at JFNP? You could be our tour leader. Bet you know all the top secret locations.

  3. Nice shot mate ,
    Love the foreground rocks
    Would be a great spot to do a vertical pano , looks like this area has a lot of great spots to photograph

  4. Yeah its a great Karijini alternative but only in the evening! you gotta get there around 6pm for the sunset then head down to the big waterfall when it gets a bit darker.

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