Wilson Inlet.

Dylans last post showed us all his version of heaven. Heres mine, at Wilson Inlet in Denmark. I finally got around to stitching it in 16 bit and it took AGES. The print will look good though…

7 Shots, no filters.


18 thoughts on “Wilson Inlet.

  1. Hey Sean nice image.If you are looking for some filters Iam selling my cokin set.I have adapter rings, holders and ND’s and ND grads.Just a thought if your looking for some cause i was going to chuck them on e bay.

  2. Sky looks great Sean ,
    some ND grads and ND filters are deffinatly a must for landscape photographers . The adapter rings for the cokin you can buy to fit any lens diameter generally most lens are 58mm but i have got adapters all the way up to 77mm .

  3. Nice simple composition but god do you need them filters! 😉 There are a few areas in the sky that are to far gone.
    When you get those filters this spot is definitely worth a re-shoot!

  4. With the Cokin filters there okay if your not stacking them . But will get color cast when you start staking more then 2 filters i have found . But the best filters are the Lees but you be paying for quality .

  5. Hey Sean,
    I create two files, one with a border and one without.
    I upload both files, insert the one without the border, copy the link for the image with the border, save and close.
    Click and select the image and press ‘Insert/Edit Link’ icon and paste the new link.

    Nice clouds too.

  6. Hey Sean I have the adapter rings for 58mm and 77mm.You can get step up rings for the other sizes.These filters do give you a cast when stacking them,but they are cheap way to get not a too bad result.I have since bought the Lee system but it is a lot more expensive.Look in to it and let me know.

  7. Dylan i will re shoot but clouds are not always that good!
    Kirk thanks for that ill just get a cokin and use really dense filters i think…
    Tom good to know! i think im a bit too lazy for that though!
    Mel sounds good. I’ve never used ebay before and don’t plan to any time soon. are you a local?

  8. Nice shot Sean, it’s just a shame about the blown out clouds. How did the lightning shoot go last night? Get any keepers?

  9. C, i did another pano here with some rocks in the foreground. Haven’t stitched it yet.
    Mel next time your up in JFNP and you still have the filters i will buy them then.
    Luke i set the camera up and was just about to shoot when the rain started. Then i was screamed at by my sister to get back inside…
    thanks Tony.
    Spoolman (is it Neil?) Ill take “ice” as a compliment. Thanks.

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