Lights Beach

Cant help but notice i post too much. Ah well who cares? shot this at lights beach, Denmark in a 2 min cloud break


12 thoughts on “Lights Beach

  1. Ok i know this is stereotypical but I HATE HOMEWORK. Photography is what prevents me from going insane at this ridiculous crap of an assignment. Oh which reminds me i’ve got a chem test tomorrow. Luckily i know it all!

  2. After studying Chem and Physics in yr 11 and 12 all i know is this….
    Chem = Bunch of Bullshit
    Physics = Awesome shit to know!
    Nice shot by the way!

  3. I like the composition Stakky but unfortunately the light is a little harsh for my liking.
    You don’t post too much at all, it gives the rest of us something to gawk at.

  4. Yeah Dylan i’m starting to realize!

    Tom your right, but i sorta think vignettes should stay away from sunny shots. There are exceptions though.

    Thanks Richard. Its not like im gonna trash it or anything!

    Thanks Clint. The 20 year old scratched polarizer worked well!

    Luke i know what your saying. I might darken those clouds.

    Stephen i hardly noticed that stream (yes i knew it was there). Shows how people interpreted things differently.

    Hey i like all the comments! this blogs not going bad.

  5. How the hell does yours come out sooo sharp compared to mine when we both use tripods, I use a 10 sec delay to stop shake from me and I supposedly have a better cam cause it is higher mp and same sensor size eh!

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