Greens pool

I woke up early today and decided to stitch some forgotten panos i took in denmark. This one i liked a lot. Might put it on canvas…


9 thoughts on “Greens pool

  1. Is that picture for real? Wow, that is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my entire life. I have love it the moment I saw the picture, what more if I have the chance to visit a place like that. The picture gives me peace of mind.

  2. yeah it’s a great place Most of the time its way overpopulated but i’m good at getting to places at the right time! It started raining after this shot and i was a kilometer from the car. AND MY CF CARD RAN OUT OF SPACE.

  3. Great colours Sean, well captured.
    Try a feathered vignette on the bottom right to break up the sand.
    This and the lights beach just need a little more sharpening as well.

    Keep up the great work.


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