More Madfish


Heres another i took on the perfect day at madfish bay. The water really was that colour i swear! This is one of my favorite shots from the holiday. I liked it so much i put a hard copy on my wall!


6 thoughts on “More Madfish

  1. Wow nice shot. So you put it on your own wall eh? Did ya sign it? 🙂
    What time of day was it? It seems to have a bit glare coming from the boulder so in that way I agree with Mr Fox.

  2. Thanks Dylan and Stephen. Dylan i was thinking the same thing, although i didn’t think others would notice much!

    Jack thats not glare. The polarizer killed the glare. Thats just me not putting in enough effort to loosely lasso the rocks and make a few clicks. I hate working on this screen! it hurts!

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