Harewood forest

Took this after sitting at a cheese winery waiting for rain to stop in denmark. Harewood forest is an incredible place. I’m supposed to be doing homework so thats all for now.

BTW just opened the package on my new/old 17-35mm l lens. My first L! more about that later.

EDIT: just uploaded the SRGB one. this may help the colour crisis!


9 thoughts on “Harewood forest

  1. Aha but unlike you im am not insulted and taken back, resulting in stinginess and offensiveness. Thanks for noticing my editing though.
    Who cares if its stereotypical anyway? its your style!

  2. ‘Staky’ this isnt a bad shot but has some pretty dull colours in the flowing water. It needs to really stand out! I think the water could do with a little contrast.
    Yeah them stats will go up! When I first me Fletch I was at 200 hits. nearly 20,000 now!!!! haha
    I think Christian needs a new nickname…. maybe F-Bomb! haha

  3. Remember that i started on 1600 hits. Lets see where i get to! Dylan im not sure what more i can do on this shot. It looks very saturated and contrasty to me! you using safari or firefox?

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