The z bend

I shot this without a polarizer (i… had lost it) and without a pano head, so the viewpoint distortion was particularly bad, not to mention the time it took to edit on my old ibook g4. I got bored doing my usual editing thing so i overdid it to see what would happen. don’t ask me what i did… i don’t remember. Might of just hit the keyboard angrily. You may like this or hate it. I like it.

EDIT: I just uploaded the monochrome version. Maybe this will look better.


9 thoughts on “The z bend

  1. I will! i was going to go to the photocoffee one but i have no way of getting there. Also i haven’t exactly got $250 to use on a 4 hour course. I’ll come to a Dunseborough one someday this term.
    What do you recommended i do to the colours?

  2. B&W is the way i would go!
    Nice view thought.
    If your gonna be doing stitches you might as well through that polariser away! Good for them single images but thats bout it.

  3. better, needs a little more black though. Watch the sharpness to, could do with a little more. The midday light can suck badly, the colours can suck because of that. I think the only thing to do is go black and white like you have.

  4. Christian im on a 12″ ibook with a shithouse screen and practically no backlight. Your probably on a 30″ sparkling clean desktop. You gotta take into account i cant see my shots half as well as you can. Theres always gonna be some problems.
    Thanks for the mono tip though. I might be able to come to the 2nd PRA course if it doesnt book out before i find out for sure.

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