Picked up a Mk III today

On opening, i did not buy a Mk 3!! I just physically  picked it up. Held it. Grabbed ahold of it. Whatever.

So today just before leaving Denmark, we dropped in on an old neighbor, who as well as being a great bloke is a very good photographer. He uses a 1Ds Mk3 and a 5d, with just about every canon lens you could think of. He showed me a bunch of awesome stuff on his 30″ apple monitor and also let me use his cameras around the property. The Mk 3 is bloody incredible, really smooth and fast and it has a great viewfinder. I immediately got obsessed with the 15mm F2.8 fisheye lens as well. I quickly snapped this shot of our Prado, not really with composition in mind but it’s sharp as hell! the 5D is also great. Silent, fast and solid. I think i actually prefer to 5d when it comes to carrying it around, although you can’t match the quality of that MK 3. I also tried out the 17-40mm on my camera, which looks great. Hopefully after next term i will be able to go back and use it again, possibly out at a beach or something.

And now i have something to aim for! ( just give me 20 years…)


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