Schools out.

Ill just post one more shot before i leave on holidays. That way i can come home to hopefully lotsa comments! (hurry up and comment, someone!)

Shot this yesterday morning along with that other one two posts down.

I’m too certain about these JFNP shots… maybe i’m heading in the wrong direction with this park. I’ll do some other sort of compositions once the holidays are over. And i haven’t even touched the huge falls yet!


6 thoughts on “Schools out.

  1. I’ve taken the hint and thought I’d better post. Nice work Sean. Enjoy the school holidays and I hope you’re going somewhere warm. Thanks for the link btw.

  2. Once again Sean, awesome shot. I just learned on Dylan’s blog that you are in year 9!!! WOW you have an incredible future in photography mate!!! Do you use a pano head for your images? They are superb.

  3. Thanks Jayne and Damien i was getting desperate for comments!!! i have a pretty bad attention span on the internet.

    Damien i hope to make photography into a career. If i don’t i’m gonna be a chopper pilot so ill work photography into that!
    Right now i don’t use a pano head, instead i try to compensate as best i can with the horizontal center column on my tripod. It sorta works but i will get a pano head soon.
    Have you got a blog or a website or sommin’ i can see your work on?
    I haven’t seen anybody else’s JFNP shots yet.

  4. Nice shot Sean! Personally I think it could be better but yeah good job. (you’ve seen my JFNP shots even though their not that great. I’m getting better) 😕

  5. Hey Sean, have a look at my stuff at if you get a chance. Perth Hills has my shots from Hovea Falls and I also have a pano from Hovea in the Panoramic Images link. Click on the image as well to get a better look at it. Tomorrow I am going up to Noble Falls towards Toodyay so I am really looking forward to that – gotta love long weekends. Do you have a website I could look at? Cheers Damien

  6. hey all. Found some Internet in Denmark. I’m using my iPod so I can’t upload anything but I can assure you I have some great shots I’m sure you’ll all like. I’ll put some up soon when I have my laptop.

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