good holiday stuff.


There’s a shot i took this morning. Its a bit underexposed and i still don’t really understand that whole browser colour thing Flemming was on about. I like the frame look though…

But anyway on Sunday i’m leaving for Denmark and possibly Bremmer Bay. Can’t because last time i was there i had practically no knowledge on photography. I really gotta test my new gear and techniques. After Denmark i’m heading up to Kalbarri, which i’m sure will also be good! Cloudy weather’s due which is annoying since i lost my GD filter a few days ago to the lawnmower after i left it in my backyard for 5 minutes! I’ll also have to work around not having a Pano head. Ah well can’t have everything.


2 thoughts on “good holiday stuff.

  1. I like this shot mate but I feel there are a few to many things in the center of the image. I would like to see it panned up a smidge and across to the left just a little.

    Cheers mate

  2. Why did you leave you gear on the grass? Thats just downright stupid you retard. Just joshin ya mate. C u soon.

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