Milling around (get it?!)

Yeah bad pun. Shot this 2 months ago on the way to Karijini. I just opened it then, gave it a bit of editing and liked the result. I went a bit far with the sky and the corners are going purple but i wasn’t using a polarizer!

One more thing: if your using Firefox, i recommend switching to safari, as firefox removes saturation when your viewing stuff. (You probably knew that though!)

EDIT: i just re calibrated my screen in god knows how long, so forget that crap about the purple corners!


9 thoughts on “Milling around (get it?!)

  1. Yeah mate, not a profeesional though. I love it and hang for the weekends to get out and shoot. Busting to go down south actually, either Dunsborough or Denmark areas. I actually went to JFNP 2 weeks ago and got some shots of Hovea Falls. You really do have some amazing images. I see you went to Karinjini, must have been amazing!!!

  2. Hi Sean. I love outback shots and shots with windmills always get my attention. I like the scene here but feel perhaps you could have worked the composition a bit. I would suggest walking right up to the fence and shoot through it so you don’t get these ugly lines from the barbed wire. Perhaps it would also work better with either a “thirds” or a total bullseye composition. Probably thirds here.

    Btw Firefox or the internet or IE doesn’t remove saturation…they show everything per default in sRGB and disregard colour profiles. If you’re working in Adobe RGB colourspace you MUST convert to sRGB before you save and upload your web version. Only way to make sure all browsers display your photo correctly (then you have the other problem of monitors being wildly different but not much one can do about that!)

  3. Yeah back them i didn’t know much about composition. I like the fence in this though, so it’s staying!
    Thanks for the info on browser colour. I won’t change the post cause a lot of people don’t know about it, and a good solution is to just use safari. Does this mean everybody uploads in sRGB?

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